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Need Our Help?

To request help, you must complete a form!

To access the forms, click HERE


For INDIVIDUALS seeking help: 

To learn more about which of our programs may best serve you, click here to go to our Programs Page so you can fill out the correct form to request help.

**If you are experiencing homelessness, medical or mental health crisis, emergency hospitalization, domestic violence, or other violence and need help with FOSTERING FOR YOUR PET please read our FAQS here.

For SERVICE PROVIDERS seeking help for a client:

  • Please SUBMIT A FORM to complete the request for help.

  • Service Providers may include social service agencies, case workers, the VA, Horizon House, PBSO, IMPD, Julian Center, Beacon of Hope, hospitals, the humane society, animal welfare agencies, etc.

  • Remember to complete the RELEASE OF INFORMATION (ROI) FORM prior to enrollment of your client in our services. 

SOAR can help your patient access in-patient or emergency medical care, mental health treatment, substance abuse treatment, or shelter. We work collaboratively with lots of agencies, medical and mental agencies, hospitals & emergency departments in Indianapolis & surrounding counties. We even may have already served clients in your agency and hospital.


SOAR will provide short to long term care for your client’s pet(s) so they can get needed care, and then return pets to their humans when they are healthy or stable.


What is your role? 


Social service agencies and hospital staff are key partners in helping humans. We want to work together. If the person you are working with needs help with their pets, in order to access your services or another agency's services, please fill out an agency form. If your client or patient is conscious and has capacity, please also complete the ROI.  We expect your agency to keep in contact with us with continuing care concerns or progress. 


Why do I have to fill out a form? 


Your hospital or agency serves as a referral point for humans to get help. Your completion of the form helps us know which agencies our humans come from, and who may need more support. It also lets us know that the owners of the pets we are committing to are already connected to services they need and are more likely to reclaim their pets. The form allows us to know a point of contact for concerns we may see with progress as we develop trust with clients through serving their pets. The information in it is needed to properly place pets and determine if we can help.


Why do we need the ROI? 


We need to know what type of concerns your client is facing, and how engaged they are in their care in order to determine whether we can help, for how long, if there are additional or longer term supports needed, &/or whether another resource is a better fit. Also, after a client enrolls their pet - we want to know if they disengage from services, get discharged, is doing awesome, or even in some cases, dies while in care. 


  • If your client is conscious, and has capacity, please have them complete the foster request form  or help them complete the form fully. This is how we determine how quickly we can place a pet, provide supportive care to a pet, where it should be placed, & for how long. 


Become a Service Provider/Hospital Partner:


If you frequently have clients who need our services, consider joining as an official partner. This will allow the staff access to call and alert case managers of emergency situations prior to submitting forms. We will send volunteers to discuss with your teams how to use our services and what all we can offer. We can provide insight on encouraging engagement by using the human-animal bond.


To join as Service Provider/Hospital Partner, please send a message here expressing your interest. 

My client said they needed foster, but they’re threatening to leave our programming or have left - what do you do?


We return the pet to their owners. We want everyone to be healthy and live their best lives. We don’t foster and return pets only when people are successful, as there are also situations when success isn't always achievable. Even if clients choose to refuse services, they are allowed to reclaim their pets. We only rehome pets when animal’s owners die, are deemed by court/intervention agency that they unable to care for them, or are abandoned.


Our team is happy to work with social workers or providers to encourage best outcomes. 


If owners leave programming, they are expected to reclaim their pets.

For Service Providers/Hospitals- other services we can provide to your clients:


We also provide other services besides fostering. The most frequent services we provide for service provider/hospital referrals come from our Retention or Outreach Programs, & are described below: 


  • Pet Compliance:  Helping clients whose landlord is requiring proof of vaccines, spay/neuter. 

    • Please complete the medical form for us to assist with these concerns.

  • Pet Health:  Helping chronically ill, disabled clients, or impoverished clients with access to urgent or routine veterinary care.

    • Please complete the medical form for us to assist with these concerns.

  • Owner Concerns:  Helping clients whose medical or mental health may be affecting care, or who are experiencing a pet behavior or housing condition related to pet care that is threatening their housing, We can also help pet owners who are experiencing homelessness and need an outreach team to meet with them and guide them towards becoming connected to We can also help with complaints/concerns regarding housing access and compliance for Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) or Certified Service Animals (CSAs).  

    • Please fill out the outreach form for us to assist with these concerns.


These requests do not require an ROI, unless your team thinks it would be beneficial to progress. They do require a service provider/hospital request by filling out the forms listed above. 

For People in Our Community Who Have a Concern:


We do not accept third party requests.  If you have a concern about an individual, please fill out our General Inquiry Form.  A Street Outreach Team will follow up on your request.


Please note, it is okay for pets to be with their people on the street.  The best thing to do is to help them get connected to a social services agency so they can get help if they want it.  

Please visit our People Resources Page for information on local social service agencies.

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