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Personal Stories

Sampson's Family

Sampson’s owner is a veteran who was dealing with PTSD, depression, substance abuse, and effects of HIV.  He needed to go into a long-term treatment program, but would not because he did not want to lose Sampson. Knowing that Sampson was secure in foster with Angela, he went into treatment and did get better for a time. However, these problems rarely have short-term fixes. When Sampson's owner relapsed and needed help again, Angela took Sampson back in to her home until his human companion could care for him again. In fact, since he had been in touch with Angela regularly regarding Sampson’s care, Angela was able to identify when he needed help again and made sure he got the help he needed.  Many of our clients have chronic medical or mental health conditions that may require long-term or even lifetime support.

Fawn's Family

Fawn was traveling with her human companion on his truck for work, through Indiana. They were taking a break at a truck stop, when her owner fell and broke his pelvis.  He was unconscious & needed to be taken into the emergency room.  Fawn was left behind in the cab of his semi.  Even more importantly, she was diabetic & blind, & needed to be given her insulin that was in the fridge in his truck. She was also aggressive to strangers because of her not being able to see.  SOAR teams responded & were able to safely remove her from the vehicle, place her in foster care, & keep her diabetes medically regulated.  Her owner had his surgery, had time to recover, & when he was ready, he picked up Fawn and they went on their way.

Pretty Girl's Family

Pretty Girl is a service dog for her human companion, who has a seizure disorder.  She alerts people to his seizure. There have been multiple times when he has been taken to the hospital and either the hospital staff or animal control officers that are called there to help will call us to come get her and keep her until he can be released.

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