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To request help, you must complete a form. 

Once submitted, forms are immediately forwarded directly to the appropriate members of our team, who will determine how we can help. Please read carefully and be sure to choose to appropriate form to suit your need.

Crisis Foster Program

To request a foster home for YOUR pet: Crisis Foster Request

If you are hospitalized, seeking mental health or substance abuse treatment, or requesting help for other reasons related to your health, you must also sign this form: Release of Information

Healthcare/Agency Providers

To request help for a client or patient, start by completing the Agency/Provider Form


If your client is hospitalized (or soon to be), additional forms are are REQUIRED to provide necessary information we need to determine our ability to help:

  1. Client must sign a Release of Information

  2. If you are requesting foster for a client's pet, you must submit a Foster Request 


Help with Spay/Neuter: 

We are not offering assistance with spay/neuter at this time, please refer to the following community organizations for assistance:

Hoosier Fix


All Other Questions: 

For all other inquiries, including general questions, donations, events, etc: General Info Form

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