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FAQs about Pet Fostering Program

Do I qualify for pet fostering? 


SOAR fosters for humans in extreme crisis who are unable to access help for themselves because of fear of losing their pets. We are NOT a re-homing service, and we are not an alternative for a good boarding service. 


We serve people who need to ACCESS TO: 

  • Urgent safety/shelter programs - escaping domestic violence, sex trafficking, or enrollment in shelter program 

  • Emergency hospitalization for medical crisis, mental health crisis, and substance abuse disorders. 

  • Short or long term intensive inpatient or outpatient programs. 

  • Hospital residential stay for families with terminally or several ill dependent children 

  • Employment and human/animal otherwise living in vehicle 


We require your pet be spayed/neutered and vaccinated to be placed. We will help with cost of these procedures. 


We DO NOT help with FOSTERING for:

  • People who are frustrated by an unfavorable behavior their dog & cat are having in the home, or somewhere they’re staying temporarily 

  • People who have voluntarily chose to move somewhere their pet is not allowed

  • People with newly acquired pets (owned less than 1 year) who have been evicted and will have a place to go for self, but not for their animals

  • People facing consequences of addiction or mental health who are NOT actively seeking or willing to engage in treatment


We may not be able to assist with animals with behavioral issues or that do not get along with other cats & dogs if a foster that can accommodate those concerns is not available. We are working on a facility to house those pets too, but we currently use fosters that frequently have other pets.

We may have a solution for you with our medical or outreach programs to help you stay with your pet instead of surrendering, even if we cannot help with fostering. 


We are willing to help with training addressing “bad” behaviors, supplies to help with that training, or support with accommodations & advice on keeping a pet with you during tough transitions that don’t meet our qualifications.


How long can my pet be fostered?


How long your pet is fostered depends on the barriers you are facing to getting healthy or stable. One of our caseworkers will call you, usually within 1-3 days, and talk to you about your situation. They may ask personal questions. Even if the answers are tough, embarrassing, &/or some of the situation is your fault - honesty helps us help you. 


We check in after a couple of weeks and see how you are progressing. Then, again, at the halfway mark. Changes in how long your pet is fostered may be made with good reason, at the discretion of our caseworker. 


If you leave your program, shelter, or treatment - you are expected to reclaim your pet at that time. 


Where will my pet be fostered? 


We have multiple families who fill out applications. For most, you have the opportunity to talk with them before your pet is placed. We also place some pets who get along with other animals at "Fort Hopson". This is our director’s home, and animals are free-roaming.


Dogs with behavioral issues or that do not get along with other animals may be placed in boarding. SOAR does not place dogs in boarding for more than 30 days, because it is stressful to their mental health and not ideal. 


Can I see my pet while it is fostered?


Yes! You are encouraged to set to visits with your pet! Most foster families will allow visitation at their home or a public place. We have a strict attendance policy, so everyone has a positive experience with visitation. Many times fosters are also willing to send texts and picture updates of your pet when you are unable to connect for visitation.

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