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Reporting Animal Cruelty in Marion Co. 

It is your responsibility to report animal cruelty of any kind if you see it or know of it happening. If you witness animal cruelty in progress and believe an animal’s life to be in immediate danger, call 911.

Indianapolis Animal Care & Control Division (IACCD) is the enforcement authority for animal ordinances in Marion County –  Read the complete Indianapolis / Marion County Animal Ordinance here.

Please know the following information when you call or submit your request – 

  • Complete address of where this is happening – number and street

  • Owner’s name (if you know it)

  • How many pets? 

  • Are they dog or cats?

  • How long has this been happening? 

  • What is happening to this pet/pets? 

  • Where is/are the pet or pets located?  Are they in yard or on porch or other?  Where should an officer look?  

  • If you have pictures or video, please retain for Indianapolis Animal Care Services.

  • You may remain anonymous if you choose.




  • Mayor’s Action Center – 317-327-4622 or 317-327-1397, 7:30AM – 5:30PM, Monday – Friday


  • ​For after hour emergencies including sick/injured animals, dangerous and aggressive animals and         animal attacks in progress, please call the police non-emergency line (317) 327-3811.​


  • Please be patient - including all of the information requested above is essential.  Please also make sure there is a clear violation of one of the ordinances as well. 

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